Career Grants


Career Grants

Available for students seeking short term, job-ready training such as an accredited short-term certificate or licensing classes that will result in entry level or first time employment of a new field for the applicant or advance their current career path.
·       Actual cost of the program, not to exceed $1000 per calendar year.


Applications must be submitted to the Copper Mountain Foundation before the deadline to be considered for funding.  Complete applications include all required documentation as outlined in this policy as well as on the application.  No award will be processed until all required documentation has been received.
·       Before start of program

Career Grant Check Disbursement

Scholarship checks are issued to the school or institution on behalf of the student.  Any scholarship funds remaining after tuition, books, and fees have been paid will be issued to the student from the school for associated living and educational costs while attending school.


By accepting scholarship funding the student agrees to successfully complete all courses/vocational/certificate program requirements for which funding is provided.   Successful completion is defined by maintaining a cumulative and current GPA of 2.0 for undergraduate students, a cumulative and current GPA of 3.0 for graduate students, or a passing grade as define by the vocational or technical program.  If these terms are not met while on the probationary period, funding for the next period will not be granted until terms have been met.